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At the Conference, prizes will be awarded, including the "Early Career Researcher Prize" and "Student Researcher Prize".

To be considered for one of these prizes, we kindly ask that you indicate in which category you should be judged based on the definitions and criteria below.


Early Career Researcher
This prize will be awarded to the researcher whose presentation and Q&A at the 2023 National Health Research Conference is the most outstanding, and who is not known to be an established scientist. 


  • Age: 40 years or less

  • Qualifications: At least a first degree, including a medical degree

  • Work experience: Working in a health-related environment in a position considered junior; e.g. below senior lecturer/ consultant grade

  • Nationality: Must be a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago; may be based in an institution abroad

Student Researcher
This prize is awarded to the full-time student whose presentation and Q&A at the 2023 National Health Research Conference is the most outstanding.


  • PhD, MPhil, MSc, DM, MBBS or MPH full-time student

Based on the provided definitions, I am a(n):

Thank you for submitting!

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